Planting People
Larry B. Gelman, Psy. D.

LBG1 1According to an old Chinese proverb:

If you are planting for a year… plant grain.
If you are planting for a decade… plant trees.
If you are planting for a century… plant people.

What does it mean to “plant people?”

Clear the land, till the soil;

Seed, feed and weed;

Then harvest and enjoy.

To “plant people” is to faithfully invest in each person.

By cultivating a safe and loving “holding environment” to harbor new life and nurture continual growth;

By teaching foundational virtues for deep “roots” to ground a healthy and purposeful base for one’s life;

By inspiriting true courage so an individual can rise as high as their “wings” will ever dare them to fly.

Whether we “plant people;”

Or realize we are the “plant;”

“Planting people” is a very serious commitment.

But only, in deed!


Author Note: Dr. Larry B. Gelman is a Clinical Psychologist and a Personal Mentor

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