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If you are a healthcare practitioner who is duly-licensed (if professional licensure is required) and legally authorized (with the requisite training, credentialing, experience and clinical judgement), to adequately render a DSM-5-based (or subsequent DSM-based) diagnosis of any of the Opioid-Related Disorders, OR if you are a healthcare practitioner who by virtue of comparable and demonstrable experiential “merit and fitness” would, otherwise, qualify for and, therefore, be accorded equivalent professional status by a bona fide licensing body, reputable medical, mental health, alcohol and/or other drug treatment healthcare entity, a governmental agency and/or court system (inclusive of probation services), then by your purchase of any NORA usages, you are, hereby, formally attesting to your having met the requisite user qualifications, per above, and, as such, you agree to assume all responsibility and all accountability for the diligent administration, scoring, interpretation, diagnosis, report summary/writing, accurate communication of obtained results, and all due diligence directly associated with professional discipline specific codes of ethics, applicable laws, and privacy practices. You are, also, apprised that if you believe that you do qualify to use the NORA under the “merit and fitness” standard, it is incumbent upon you to fully substantiate the professional and experiential foundation of your “merit and fitness” should you be required to do so (e.g., if records are subpoenaed or if you are called upon to provide testimony either as a treating clinician or as a “expert witness”).

CAVEAT: If you are not a healthcare practitioner who qualifies as a NORA user (i.e., Assessor), per above, OR if you are a patient or prospective patient who either would like to be evaluated for a comprehensive psychobiosocial risk assessment for opioid prescription, titration or withdrawal and/or for a DSM-5-based (or subsequent DSM) Opioid-Related Disorders diagnosis along with consideration of possible risk-mitigation services, OR if you are a patient for whom opioid prescription is currently being evaluated or, otherwise, being considered or questioned, you may be able to purchase a copy of the NORA directly and physically bring the blank NORA protocol to a qualified user for a face-to-face interview with signed attestation(s) as to the veracity of the assessment.  However, please be advised that you make said purchase at your own risk as there is no guarantee that you will, necessarily, find a qualified user who will agree to provide the due-diligence required for a comprehensive psychobiosocial risk assessment, the DSM-5-based opioid use disorder(s) diagnostic interview and the Summary Report, inclusive, of possible risk-mitigation services. 

Lastly, since the NORA is legally protected copyrighted material of the authors intellectual property, all users and purchasers agree, without any reservation, whatsoever, not to duplicate, copy, xerox, screen-shot or, otherwise, make a facsimile as all such copies will be considered as an “UNAUTHORIZED COPY” and, will therefore, be invalid and a prosecutable violation of U.S Copyright law.