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Personal Mentoring Services

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Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) is an elective, individualized non-clinical, non-insurance, and non-medication service available at Northern Illinois Counseling Associates, P.C. (NICA).   

A mentor is a seasoned community elder with a mix of authentic experience, knowledge, and wisdom; a valued "pathfinder" on behalf of another who is committed to a meaningful journey in life.  As your mentor, we are ready, willing, and able to "go long and deep" in service of your best interests. 

To distinguish, the goal of traditional professional counseling and therapy is to help a client address various problems-in-living and sometimes, a diagnosed mental illness. 

Accordingly, various counseling approaches and psychotherapies may be mobilized to help ameliorate symptoms, develop, enhance, or restore adaptive competency functionality, mitigate the effects of mental illness, and so on.      

Psychological or psychiatric "treatment" may last weeks, months or even years.  However, unlike these traditional approaches to mental illness, because PMS is a personal mentoring service, there is no diagnosing or treating a mental disorder! 

And because there is no third-parties like insurance companies involved, as a PMS client, you get to choose the time, frequency, duration, and content of contacts in an emerging and evolving relationship with your own personal mentor.  

Our PMS clients include business owners, doctors, lawyers, teachers, academicians, athletes, mental health professionals, and many others who seek a private, personal guidance.

We are happy to serve as a sage-on-your-stage" and "guide-on-your-side" to help you along your way as you create a fulfilling and meaningful path in your life.  

NICA's Personal Mentoring Services are typically provided via telephone, Zoom, or in-person.   

For more information about Personal Mentoring Services, call us at 1-815-455-6736 or Contact Us.